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The fire equipment services keeping Melbourne buildings safe

Feb 27, 2019

At Melbourne Fire and Maintenance we’re strong believers that businesses shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their emergency fire equipment will be operational in an emergency. Which is why we offer expert fire equipment services in Melbourne for body corporates, high-density residential buildings, shopping centres and a range of other businesses, giving them peace of mind knowing all of their equipment is functional and compliant with relevant safety standards.

Whether you have a single fire hose reel and a couple of fire sprinklers or dozens of fire alarms, fire pumps and smoke detectors, our team of highly qualified and knowledgeable fire technicians will ensure all of you fire equipment is up to scratch, and if it’s not, we can organise replacements, upgrades or ongoing maintenance.

Penalties are severe for businesses who fail to comply with fire safety regulations, not to mention the potential risk business’s put customers, employees and contractors at by not properly maintaining their fire equipment.

As fire protection specialists, our team have experience working with thousands of businesses across multiple industries, all of which have different safety standards and requirements. This means we have the knowledge and skills to make sure you’re compliant with all relevant standards and procedures.

When it comes to ensuring your businesses is compliant with Essential Safety Measures you need to take into account everything from emergency lighting and signage, to alarms, equipment and fire-related building materials. This is a lot to consider – which is why it substantially benefits businesses to enlist the help of the protection experts at Melbourne Fire and Maintenance to carry this out for them.

Proper fire equipment and fire equipment maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure buildings are safe in the event of an emergency. Contact the team at Melbourne Fire and Maintenance, we provide a range of fire equipment services for Melbourne businesses.

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Melbourne Fire & Maintenance acquires DMR fire protection

Oct 1, 2018

Melbourne Fire & Maintenance is thrilled to announce the acquisition of DMR Fire Protection. Based in Mulgrave, DMR Fire Protection has been trading for more than 25 years, with nearly 3000 sites to maintain across Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. The acquisition of DMR Fire Protection provides the newly consolidated business more than 25 specialist fire technicians, covering more of Melbourne in a shorter time frame, whilst delivering more integrated one-stop Fire Protection Services to its expanded client base.

Melbourne Fire and Maintenance was purchased by the current owners in 2015 and the last three years has been specifically dedicated to re-building each part of the business with a clear goal to adhere to the following principles:

  • Purpose – “To guarantee the fire prevention systems under our control are always ready for emergency use”.
  • Cause – “To provide peace of mind to building managers, their owners and inhabitants”.
  • Core Competency – “Our ability to respond quickly to varying customer demands”.
  • Values – “Customer Focussed – Technically Competent – Commercially Driven”.
  • Brand Promise – “Remove the need for our clients to worry about fire prevention”.

With recent fire incidents at the Lacrosse building in Melbourne and the Grenfell Tower in London, the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) is pushing for tighter regulations and adherence to compliance standards AS 1851 and others.

Under these standards, fire testing, maintenance and service providers must provide detailed and compliant documentation to Body Corporates, Building Managers and Owners Corporations to ensure compliance with essential service requirements as set out under the building code.

In addition to Australian Standards, fire testing, maintenance and service providers must also comply with essential services regulations set by the Victoria Building Authority (VBA) Building Regulations, Energy Safe Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria, the FPAA, plumbing industry and more.

The recent changes in legislation have put added pressure on fire testing, maintenance and service providers, requiring a higher level of servicing that requires upskilling, certification and training of people and updating technologies that some providers may have difficulty adhering to.

The DMR Fire Protection acquisition is a perfect fit for our existing business, providing the right mix of technically competent staff, reducing the need for our clients to use multiple contractors. With a larger team of technicians and access to additional technologies, Melbourne Fire & Maintenance has the capabilities to service a wider range of residential and commercial sites around Melbourne, including:

  • factories, workshops and warehouses
  • high-density residential and commercial towers
  • shopping centres, hotels and retail hubs
  • aged care facilities, clinics and medical studios.

This acquisition helps us better service Body Corporates, Building Managers and Owners Corporations, ensuring they have maximum peace of mind in their essential services being safe and compliant.

Please contact Melbourne Fire & Maintenance for more information about the merge or to find out more about our services.

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Melbourne Fire and Maintenance attends fundraiser for young diggers

Nov 1, 2017

The team at Melbourne Fire and Maintenance was proud to be involved in the ‘Bowties and Tiaras’ function held by the Body Corporate Strata Group to raise money for the Young Diggers.

Congratulations to the Body Corporate Strata Group for putting on a fantastic evening including door prizes, raffles, silent auctions and hearing from special guest speakers, as well as top-quality food and entertainment.

Two of our directors and six staff attended the event on Saturday 21st October, which we are thrilled to announce raised more than $26 000 – all of which will be donated directly to the Young Diggers.

The Young Diggers runs rehabilitation programs providing support for ex-serving military personnel and their families. The money raised through this fundraiser will help provide specialist training for a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) companion and assistance dog, to help improve quality of life for returned soldiers living with PTSD and other mental illnesses.

Melbourne Fire and Maintenance is pleased to support important community initiatives. Please contact us for more information.

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Evacuation plans & Melbourne fire protection maintenance services

Sep 20, 2017

As part of our Melbourne fire protection maintenance services, our team can ensure your evacuation plans comply with all relevant laws, standards and regulations – protecting your property and your people.

In light of recent disasters like the Greenfell Tower fire in London, it’s vitally important to have the right fire evacuation procedures in place. It is a responsibility of the building owner to ensure everyone from tenants to employers and visitors all have clear access to vital safety evacuation information in the event of an emergency.

Under Australian Standard AS 3745-2010, Planning for emergencies in facilities, there is an increased emphasis on providing emergency and evacuation information and detailed diagrams and signage as part of the evacuation plan and compliance for all buildings.

The Standard further highlights the importance of having evacuation plans displayed where all occupants and visitors can see them – as well as having the right people trained and aware of what the specific procedures are for each building.

Our fire protection maintenance services help identify and correctly detail the key aspects of your evacuation plan, including:

  • emergency paths and the shortest way to egress
  • exit and emergency lighting
  • exit doors and smoke doors
  • fire fighting equipment, including fire hydrants, hoses and fire pumps.

At Melbourne Fire and Maintenance, we can provide site specific evacuation diagrams, oriented and installed in compliance with AS 3745-2010, Planning for emergencies in facilities, as well as complying with the Building Code of Australia. Important aspects of an emergency plan that are often overlooked include, evacuation training for occupants and how to assist occupants with a disability.

No matter your industry, we can supply and install perspex, laminate and aluminium evacuation plans.

Please contact Melbourne Fire and Maintenance to conduct an audit and deliver evacuation plans in line with all legal requirements.

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