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Integrated electrical systems and support

Class A electricians delivering
A-grade service

Alexon’s experienced Class A electricians can install, upgrade, fault-find and repair fire protection and general electrical equipment in your building, minimising the chance of an electrical malfunction.

Licensed by Energy Safe Victoria and certified in Electrical Fire Protection Control Systems, our specialist electricians draw on industry knowledge and the latest technology to deliver peace-of-mind commercial electrical services through a fire safety system you can depend on.

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Commercial Electrical ServiceCommercial Electrical Service

Commercial electrical services at a glance

- Positioning and terminating fire detection and warning equipment

- Validating compliance and capacity of installations

- Verifying mains

- Supplying electricity and back-up power sources

- Installing electro-technology components and wiring

- Identifying and repairing faults

- Providing operational training to relevant personnel

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Managing your Control Panel System (CPS)

Your CPS will run like clockwork with Alexon

Fire control panels often encompass zones and various initiating devices that activate critical fire defence systems, like sprinklers or exit lighting. Not only is it essential that your equipment responds in an emergency, but in sequence and on back-up power supply while accurately displaying the system status.

Our expert team can inspect, upgrade and maintain your fire control panel system so you can feel confident it will perform as it should in an emergency.

An Alexon employee checking the routines of a Control Panel System.

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