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Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Let our fire sprinkler fitters help you!

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to detect a higher temperature that indicates that a fire has ignited within a property. Regardless of what kind of sprinklers you have installed on your property, the technical elements that comprise your system are crucial to the sprinklers responding and operating promptly in the unfortunate event of a fire. Thankfully, installing and servicing a wide range of fire sprinklers is what our fire safety technicians at Alexon do best.

Our process includes:
1. Our fire sprinkler fitters will work with you to determine the best fire sprinkler system to install on your property
2. We will determine the best sprinkler system based on our risk assessment, depending on the nature of that property and its own fire safety requirements. For instance, you wouldn’t want to install a traditional wet or dry pipe fire sprinkler system in a building with plenty of valuable objects. 
3. Installation conducted by expert professionals, with comprehensive checks of all systems.
4. Regular testing of fire sprinkler systems

Installing a suitable fire sprinkler system for your property is a foundational component of keeping your residential building or business premises safe in the event of a fire. Similarly, committing to the ongoing maintenance and servicing requirements of that sprinkler system is quintessential to ensuring not only your own safety and the safety of other building occupants, but also that your building stays compliant with Australian fire safety and building standards. 

By installing the right sprinkler system, you can help protect your property as well as better ensure the safety of all its occupants for years if not decades to come. Call Alexon’s team of professional fire sprinkler fitters at 1300 001 004 today to organise a fire sprinkler installation or servicing appointment for your residential or commercial property. 

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Inspect and test

Regular Fire Sprinkler Testing

Did you know that your building’s sprinkler system needs to be visually inspected at least once a month and physically tested at least once every twelve months in order to maintain compliance with Australian standards, namely AS1851, Section 2? Alongside this, the technical components that make up your sprinkler system should also be inspected by a fire sprinkler fitter at routine intervals over their own individual lifespans. 

For example:
The gauges of your wet pipe fire sprinkler system: ideally tested monthly and replaced every five years.
The gauges for air and water pressure on your dry pipe sprinkler system: tested every week to reduce the likelihood of pressure or moisture build-ups.
Vane-type water flow switches and pressure switch devices: ideally be tested every six months to ensure that they’re fully operational and ready in the event of a fire-related emergency. 

To ensure that your residential or commercial property is compliant with Australian Standard AS1851, the installation and ongoing maintenance of your building’s sprinkler system should always be handled by expert fire sprinkler fitters. Thankfully, our fire safety technicians here at Alexon have extensive experience working with a wide range of different sprinkler systems, spanning from wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, to drencher, deluge, pre-action, and even foam and gas systems. Our team of highly trained and fully certified fire safety specialists have experience with rectifying a great array of fire sprinkler system faults, ranging from water leaks, to corrosion, broken parts, and every other potential fault that could be impacting your installed system. 

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Alexon: Professional installation made easy

With over twenty years of experience providing fire sprinkler system installation and maintenance services to Melbourne residents and business owners, our team of fire sprinkler fitters at Alexon are well-equipped to handle any and all pressing fire safety tasks that you may have on hand. Whether you’re looking to secure a sprinkler installation for a residential property or a commercial space, our fully certified and accredited technicians will be equipped with all the right skill sets, equipment, and other tools of the trade to get the results you’re looking for. 

And thanks to our accreditation with the Victorian Building Association and National Fire Industry Association, booking your fire sprinkler test with Alexon will also allow you to manage the maintenance and timely servicing of that new system with the same team used in its installation. Simply put, our fire safety professionals will be here to help over your sprinkler system’s entire useful lifespan, from providing you with your property’s Fire Safety Certificate reports upon finalising the system installation, to expertly conducting routine maintenance and testing on an annual basis. 

Call our friendly Alexon fire safety team at 1300 001 004 today to organise your next fire sprinkler system installation or maintenance job. We also provide other fire safety equipment, including fire hydrants, fire hose reels, fire doors, fire extinguishers, emergency lights and fire indicator panels and alarms.

Fire Sprinkler FAQs

How many types of fire sprinklers are there?

There are two main types of fire sprinklers: wet pipe systems and dry pipe systems. Wet pipe uses stored, pressurised water (in pipes) to reach the individual sprinkler heads nearest to the fire. Dry pipe systems store pressurised air or nitrogen that is used to activate the sprinkler head valves on detection of a fire.

What is the difference between wet and dry fire sprinklers?

The main difference between wet and dry fire sprinklers is the type of water source they are connected to. Unlike the wet pipe system which stores water in the pipes, this system stores pressurised air or nitrogen that is used to activate the sprinkler head valves on detection of a fire. The wet pipe system is often the most suitable and cost-effective option for both commercial and residential premises. If the climate you operate in could cause your property’s water pipes to freeze, the dry pipe system is an effective solution.

Do fire sprinklers detect smoke?

Fire sprinklers are triggered through heat, rather than smoke. Once the sprinkler system is activated, water is released to help suppress the fire.

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