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Smoke alarm testing & installation services

Early detection, swift protection. Our experienced technicians are ready to support and test your smoke alarms round the clock.

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Smoke Alarm Testing And Installation

Is your safety system ready for an emergency?

Most people don’t realise this, but when there’s a fire, the smoke spreads faster than the fire does, particularly in locations with heat and flame retardant materials. This is because the materials take longer to set alight, but a structure’s natural airwaves will carry the smoke to other rooms. This is where the first line of defence engages; having smoke alarms installed.

These alarms are instrumental in alerting the occupants of a property that their living space is on fire or that there’s an excessive and potential dangerous amount of smoke present.

Regular smoke alarm testing is a vital step in ensuring your fire safety equipment is functioning properly. By calling Alexon on 1300 001 004 or contacting us here you can make sure that your alarms are operating at full capacity and protecting your property. 

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Inspect and Test

Smoke Detector Testing You Can Trust

Smoke alarms must be installed in every home in Victoria by law. These alarms must comply with the Australian Standards AS3786, a safety standards act that enforces fire safety when attempting to obtain an occupancy licence, as well as the standards of inspection, testing, preventative measures, and survey of fire protection systems and equipment. Following these standards and regulations is the responsibility of property managers.

Alexon’s expert testers are able to test on site and conduct through inspections of every device to ensure they’re working at full capacity and operating well within legal requirements.

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Proper Smoke Alarm Installation

The CFA recommends installing a working smoke alarm in every room to allow for maximum coverage and therefore, maximum protection. Smoke alarm installation can also be interconnected, allowing one alarm to trip all alarms, providing maximum protection for both the property and anyone within it. 

Professional installation of various fire safety equipment (including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire indicator panels, fire doors, and fire sprinklers), is important for any building that regularly has people living or working on the premises. For commercial properties, the legal requirements of these smoke detectors are best met by a professional installer - so that the property manager can be 100 per cent sure they are meeting all their fire safety obligations. 

Why Alexon?

Alexon is an Australian fire protection services company based in Melbourne. We have been in operation for more than two decades and have the experience necessary to tackle any job.

Our priority at Alexon is to keep our clients, their colleagues, their business and infrastructure safe through the use of our fire protection services. Over the years we’ve seen too many companies with outdated, even dangerously lacking, fire protection protocols and equipment in place. We established our business to help address these shortcomings.

Alexon has been helping companies keep on top of smoke alarm detector installation and testing for more than 20 years. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your smoke alarms or any of your building’s current fire protection setup, contact us immediately for smoke alarm testing and installation, or call us on 1300 001 004.

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Got a question? Check out our FAQ section or complete the form below to schedule a call.

Smoke Alarms FAQs

Do smoke alarms need to be on the ceiling?

Smoke alarms are primarily located on the ceiling at least 30 centimetres from the wall. This is in compliance with Australian Standards AS 3786. On occasion, you may see a smoke alarm mounted on the wall, but this is rare.

How many smoke alarms do I need?

This is dependent on the size and purpose of your building. Smoke alarms in residential buildings should have a working smoke alarm in every bedroom and living area. All commercial offices must also be equipped with a smoke alarm system, but they should not be installed near windows, doors and ducts. Storage areas and undercover car parking areas must also have a smoke alarm system installed in case of emergency.

How do smoke detectors work?

Smoke detectors can detect the small particles in the air that signal a fire is beginning to occur. It will then alert the occupants, providing early detection of the danger for the occupants in the building. This gives the occupants more time to escape, which can inevitably save the lives of the people in the building.

What is required to service a smoke alarm properly?

Smoke alarms are only guaranteed to work if they are serviced in accordance with the Australian Standard. This involves cleaning the smoke alarm (6-monthly) and replacing the battery (annually).

We remove or detach the smoke alarm from its base, wipe down the entire alarm with cleaning wipes, then install a new battery. The alarm is then re-attached to its mounting base and tested with smoke to ensure it’s ready for use. Should the alarm fail the smoke test, we will supply a quote for its replacement.

Can I install a smoke alarm for my apartment?

Unfortunately, we do not service individual apartment smoke alarms, but we can service common areas. We primarily offer a fire alarm inspection service for commercial buildings. Please contact our Service Department on 1300 001 004 for further information.

What is the difference between a smoke alarm and smoke detector?

We define a smoke alarm as being a domestic 240v or 9v battery-operated alarm, and a smoke detector as anything connected to an integrated fire system.

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