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Fire Indicator Panels for Melbourne

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Fire safety should always be a concern and at the forefront of this is making sure that your fire alarm system and fire detection system are up to date. We can help with that. Alexon is a Melbourne-based fire safety company, and we’re here to keep Melbourne businesses and their workers safe. Call us on 1300 001 004 to book a fire alarm service and fire indicator panel check.

Fire safety countermeasures are mandated by law and the installation of fire alarms and smoke detectors should be handled by professionals.

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Top Fire Alarm Systems

There are many kinds of fire alarm systems, particularly when it comes to commercial use. Knowing which system to install and how to maintain it is extremely important in maintaining the safety of your building and workforce. 

To have a fire indicator panel installed is a job that should be left to electrical servicing professionals. There is a strict system for installing these alarms and the work often requires extensive work, and maintenance must be carried out according to legal guidelines in Victoria.

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Fire Alarm Servicing in Melbourne

Getting your fire indicator panels, or other fire safety equipment including fire extinguishers tested is vital to making sure they are all in full working order, and having a properly working fire sprinkler system is paramount to ensuring your workers are safe. If your fire alarm system doesn’t meet the standards set out in the Australian Standards AS1851-2012, not only are you failing to take proper care of your staff, you’re liable for any damages or harm to personnel as a result of a fire.

Some people can fall into the trap of thinking a smoke alarm inspection is the same as a fire alarm service - but the two are very different mechanisms. A smoke detector or smoke alarm is easy to define. It’s an appliance that detects smoke and then alerts anyone present in the area of that presence. These devices consist of nothing other than a sensor that is designed to pick up dangerous levels of smoke that can be caused by a fire.

A fire alarm, or fire indicator panels is a much more comprehensive form of fire defence.
The system detects abnormal smoke presence and then takes the next step, enacting fire safety precautions automatically as soon as danger becomes apparent. Although a sensor is present, the system consists of much more than that. After the sensor raises the alarm, the mechanism then trips the additional countermeasures, such as sprinklers.

Although some fire alarm systems don’t come with an automatically activating countermeasure, they do alert any occupants of the building, and some even notify the local fire brigade.

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Why Alexon?

Alexon has been in the fire protection services for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen it all. Out of date fire protection measures, expired or erroneous fire extinguishers and exit lighting, fire alarms fallen into disrepair. You name it, we’ve dealt with it, and that’s why we’re one of the best (if not the best) people to handle your fire alarm system installation and maintenance.

From small beginnings, Alexon has grown into a family, with people of every walk of life working with us to help us realise our passion - keeping the workers of Melbourne safe from harm.

If you need fire protection equipment services, including the installation and maintenance or fire alarms, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will happily answer any questions about fire detection systems and fire alarm systems you might have. Otherwise, you can call us on 1300 001 004 and talk directly to us!

We can install fire extinguishers for offices, construction sites, and more.

Fire Alarms FAQs

How do you install a fire alarm?

We first perform a risk assessment to determine the requirements of your building and then design the layout of your fire alarm system. Once we have determined this, we will supply and install the fire alarm system that is perfectly suited to your requirements. However, even after installation, we never set and forget and will organise routine maintenance to ensure that your fire alarm system is working properly.

Are fire alarms mandatory in Victoria?

Yes, they are crucial to your building’s fire safety system. They must be installed and properly maintained in accordance with Australian Standards.

Can I install new fire alarms myself?

To install an effective fire alarm system for your residential or commercial building, a professional electrician and fire safety professional is required to install your new fire alarm system. These alarms are essential to the safety of your occupants and must be installed accurately and safely.

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