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September 20, 2017

As part of our Melbourne fire protection maintenance services, our team can ensure your evacuation plans comply with all relevant laws, standards and regulations – protecting your property and your people.

In light of recent disasters like the Greenfell Tower fire in London, it’s vitally important to have the right fire evacuation procedures in place. It is a responsibility of the building owner to ensure everyone from tenants to employers and visitors all have clear access to vital safety evacuation information in the event of an emergency.

Under Australian Standard AS 3745-2010, Planning for emergencies in facilities, there is an increased emphasis on providing emergency and evacuation information and detailed diagrams and signage as part of the evacuation plan and compliance for all buildings.

The Standard further highlights the importance of having evacuation plans displayed where all occupants and visitors can see them – as well as having the right people trained and aware of what the specific procedures are for each building.

Our fire protection maintenance services help identify and correctly detail the key aspects of your evacuation plan, including:

  • emergency paths and the shortest way to egress
  • exit and emergency lighting
  • exit doors and smoke doors
  • fire fighting equipment, including fire hydrants, hoses and fire pumps.

At Melbourne Fire and Maintenance, we can provide site specific evacuation diagrams, oriented and installed in compliance with AS 3745-2010, Planning for emergencies in facilities, as well as complying with the Building Code of Australia. Important aspects of an emergency plan that are often overlooked include, evacuation training for occupants and how to assist occupants with a disability.

No matter your industry, we can supply and install perspex, laminate and aluminium evacuation plans.

Please contact Melbourne Fire and Maintenance to conduct an audit and deliver evacuation plans in line with all legal requirements.

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