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Fire Extinguisher Services in Melbourne

Protect your property from fire risks

Alexon offers fire extinguisher testing, certification, and fire extinguisher installation services to support Australian business owners and property managers in ensuring that their business premises stay as safe as possible for their occupants and their business assets. Our accredited fire safety technicians are equipped with all the necessary experience, training, and tools to both install your fire extinguishers and fire blankets and conduct routine testing in accordance with Australian Standards (AS1851). 

Make sure that your property or commercial premises maintains industry compliance and safe work standards by investing in fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. Book your fire extinguisher inspection or installation appointment with Alexon today.

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Routine Fire Extinguisher Testing

According to AS1851, fire extinguishers are required to be inspected every six months. This testing timeline is stated to be the best practice for maintaining fire extinguishers and to ensure that they are fit to be used effectively in the event of a fire. Staying on top of your fire extinguisher testing and maintenance schedule will help ensure that all the fire extinguishers in your commercial or residential space are functioning properly, and that any extinguishers that require replacement are promptly addressed. 

A failure to maintain your fire safety equipment may result in you receiving a fine from local fire authorities or council offices, and perhaps even in damage or injuries in the event that your premises does experience a fire.

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Quality Equipment

Why Alexon?

On top of possessing over 20 years of experience providing fire extinguisher services across Melbourne, our technicians at Alexon also use Uptick field servicing and reporting technology. This industry-leading technology allows all our Alexon fire safety technicians to generate thorough fire equipment and system maintenance reports, designed to help strata managers and business owners stay on top of their fire equipment maintenance responsibilities.  

With our impeccable track record and extensive experience, business owners and strata managers can enjoy exceptional fire equipment testing and servicing when they call on Alexon for all of their fire system maintenance and installation jobs. 

Book your fire extinguisher testing, fire extinguisher servicing or installation appointment with Alexon by contacting us at 1300 001 004 or filling out our enquiry form today.

We can install fire extinguishers for office fire safety, as well as provide fire safety equipment on construction sites, and more.

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Alexon's Fire Extinguisher Installation Guide

Fit-for-purpose fire extinguisher installation in Melbourne

There are different classes of fire extinguishers, developed in relation to the five different fire classifications. From powder fire extinguishers, to foam, chemical and CO2 extinguishers, the types of fire extinguishers required for your business premises will be dictated by which fire classifications were identified in your residential or commercial building’s risk assessment processes. 

Generally speaking, strata managers and business owners can also determine which fire extinguishers they’ll need to have installed based on the fixtures, equipment, and other contents of their workplace. Are you working with energised electrical equipment? Then booking a CO2 fire extinguisher installation is likely to be a great investment in the safety of your space. And what if you’re working in a building with a large kitchen facility? Then you’ll require a powder fire extinguisher as well as a fire blanket, as using water on hot oil is nothing but a recipe for disaster. 

Have any more questions about which fire extinguishers to install in your residential or commercial building? Contact our team of accredited fire safety technicians here at Alexon to make sure that your property is fitted with all the correct fire safety equipment and tools, from your fire hydrants, sprinklers, & fire indicator panels, to your fire extinguishers. 

Fire Extinguisher Class Types

A Wood, paper, plastics etc. Water, foam, wet chemical, powder (ABE), vaporising liquid
B Flammable liquids Foam, powder
C Flammable gases Powder
D Metal fires Use special purpose fire extinguishers only
E Energised electrical equipment Carbon dioxide, vaporising liquid, powder
F Cooking oils and fats Wet chemical, powder (BE) or fire blanket

Adapted from FPA's Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide

Class A

Fire type

Wood, paper, plastics etc.

Extinguisher type

Water, foam, wet chemical, powder (ABE), vaporising liquid

Class B

Fire type

Flammable liquids

Extinguisher type

Foam, powder

Class C

Fire type

Flammable gases

Extinguisher type


Class D

Fire type

Metal fires

Extinguisher type

Use special purpose fire extinguishers only

Class E

Fire type

Energised electrical equipment

Extinguisher type

Carbon dioxide, vaporising liquid, powder

Class F

Fire type

Cooking oils and fats

Extinguisher type

Wet chemical, powder (BE) or fire blanket

Fire Extinguisher FAQs

How can I tell if my fire extinguishers needs recharging?

At the top of the fire extinguisher, there is a gauge that shows if the fire extinguisher is charged (green) or requires re-charging (red). If the needle points to the red, the fire extinguisher needs recharging.

If you’re not sure, please contact our Service Department on 1300 001 004, and we’ll send a technician out to inspect and service your fire extinguishers.

What is the standard for the installation of fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers must be installed at least 10 centimetres above from the floor, but no more than 1.2 metres as well. It should always be accompanied by signage as well. Fire extinguishers are regulated under Australian Standards AS2444.

Where should a fire extinguisher be placed?

This can vary depending on your building layout and requires a fire safety professional to properly equip your extinguisher. Your fire extinguishers must be placed in all high-risk areas of your building, which requires a professional to assess and determine the location of your extinguishers. As a general guideline, it must not be too close to potential fire sources and electrical switchboards, located near exits and never hidden or obstructed. There are strict rules on where a fire extinguisher can be placed, so please ensure that you seek a fire safety professional like Alexon to install your extinguishers.

How many years until fire extinguishers expire?

Fire extinguishers require a refill every 5 years to ensure they work effectively, or they must be replaced with a new one. However, some extinguishers are disposable and must be disposed of after the manufacturer’s expiration date, which is normally printed at the bottom of the extinguisher.

How often should fire extinguishers be pressure tested?

Fire extinguishers must be pressure tested every 5 years and then refilled. However, while pressure testing is every 5 years, fire extinguishers must be tested and tagged every 6 months in a routine manner. This must be done by a professional in accordance with Australian standards.

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