An Alexon employee replacing a smoke detector after performing routine maintenance on it.Alexon employee in a safety vest replacing smoke detectors in an apartment complex.

Fire equipment supply and installation

High-quality equipment and a team of skilled technicians

From smoke alarms to fire doors, we’ve got your essential safety equipment covered, and a team of experts to install them for you.

Our skilled technicians, electricians, and engineers can supply and set up your property with the latest equipment. And we’re so sure of our work, we’ll give a 100% quality guarantee.


Alexon fire equipment at a glance

Our range of fire safety equipment includes but is not limited to:

- Thermal and smoke detectors and alarms

- Fire panels and systems

- Fire and smoke doors

- Exit, access and egress doors

- Emergency and exit lighting

- Fire sprinklers and sprinkler pumps

- Fire hoses, reels, lay flat hoses and cabinets

- Fire extinguishers and fire blankets

- Fire hydrants and hydrant pumps

- Mechanical ventilation and sump pumps

book inspection

Fire extinguishers

Fit-for-purpose fire extinguisher installation

As trusted fire extinguisher suppliers, we regularly perform installations across Melbourne. We ensure the fire extinguisher location and signage meets Australian Standards, and the type of extinguisher is matched to the potential fire application or class.

Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can cost lives

The Australian Standard (AS2444) outlines the types of fire extinguishers that can be used on different classes of fire. See our Quick Guide for the best types of fire extinguishers to use according to AS2444 or download a more comprehensive guide by the FPA here.

Quick guide

A Wood, paper, plastics etc. Water, foam, wet chemical, powder (ABE), vaporising liquid
B Flammable liquids Foam, powder
C Flammable gases Powder
D Metal fires Use special purpose fire extinguishers only
E Energised electrical equipment Carbon dioxide, vaporising liquid, powder
F Cooking oils and fats Wet chemical, powder (BE) or fire blanket

Adapted from FPA's Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide

Class A

Fire type

Wood, paper, plastics etc.

Extinguisher type

Water, foam, wet chemical, powder (ABE), vaporising liquid

Class B

Fire type

Flammable liquids

Extinguisher type

Foam, powder

Class C

Fire type

Flammable gases

Extinguisher type


Class D

Fire type

Metal fires

Extinguisher type

Use special purpose fire extinguishers only

Class E

Fire type

Energised electrical equipment

Extinguisher type

Carbon dioxide, vaporising liquid, powder

Class F

Fire type

Cooking oils and fats

Extinguisher type

Wet chemical, powder (BE) or fire blanket

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