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Fire Safety Equipment on a Construction Site

Keeping in line with building requirements

Investing in fire safety is a vital component of construction site fire safety and staying compliant with OH&S standards. Alongside being a monumental risk to worker safety, uncontrolled flames can also cause major damage to buildings that are under construction or even structures that are being renovated or demolished. In this regard, fire safety equipment on a construction site is not just a matter of workplace safety, but also efficiency and asset protection. 

If you’re a construction site supervisor or construction business owner requiring expert assistance from fire safety specialists, then our team at Alexon will be happy to offer their support.

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Construction Site Fire Safety

There are a number of fire hazards on construction sites that must be taken into consideration when developing fire safety plans or procedures for this unique and changeable workplace setting. Some of the more common fire hazards found on construction sites include:

- Flammable materials like timber or packaging
- Fuels or gas canisters used to power construction equipment
- Exposed electrical wiring that may generate sparks
- Smoking and discarded lit cigarette butts

Although these fire hazards can be mitigated by maintaining strong workplace health and safety practices and providing allocated break spaces for workers to have lunch and take smoke breaks away from flammable or combustible materials and equipment, construction sites are still required by law to provide fire equipment on a construction site (e.g fire extinguishers) to be used in the event of a fire-related emergency. But what fire equipment is required on your construction site?

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Construction Site Fire Extinguishers and More

As is the case with any workplace, it is a legal requirement to have fire safety equipment on a construction site installed on-site and available for use by workers or supervisors in the event of a fire-related emergency. Your fire safety equipment should provide adequate protection and fire suppressant capabilities for all fire-related hazards present. 

Fire equipment that is commonly found on construction sites include:

- Fire extinguishers
- Fire hose reels
- Fire blankets
- Fire alarm systems

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fire safety equipment on a construction site

What fire safety on a construction site entails

With the majority of urban construction projects across Melbourne being demolitions or renovations, worksites may already be equipped with existing fire hose reels and alarm systems. However, if your site requires a hose reel installed, you will need to consult with professional fire safety services, as hose reels can only be connected to dedicated fire lines rather than the building’s general water mains. Similarly, alarm systems must have access to a secondary power source aside from electricity mains to maintain compliance with Australian Standards. Your fire safety specialists can help fulfil installation requirements for these particular fire safety tools.

When selecting fire extinguishers for construction sites, your workplace fire safety officer will consider which fire classifications are most likely to be a potential risk on-site. This way, you can make sure that there will always be a suitable fire extinguisher on-site to combat any and all fire classifications that were identified during your workplace risk assessment processes. 

For instance, carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers are suitable for Class E electrical fires, but are ineffective against Class C or D fires, these being fires caused by flammable gases or metals respectively. A fire blanket will provide more protection against these particular fire classifications, as well as Class A and B flammable material and liquid fires. 

Ventilation is also key if you’re working in an enclosed site, like on the upper floors of a commercial building. These enclosed construction areas may also require a suitable fire sprinkler system for additional site safety.

Our Services

Following the installation of fire safety equipment on your construction site, site workers and supervisors must also work together to ensure that fire equipment stays in good working order over the duration of your construction project timeline. This involves scheduling fire equipment inspections and servicing whenever necessary. 

Construction site supervisors are responsible for making sure that all fire safety equipment available on-site is maintained in accordance with Australian fire safety standards. For instance, Australian Standard AS1851 outlines that construction site fire extinguishers must be tested every six months by a fire safety specialist. Fire hose reels, hydrants, and sprinkler systems also come with their own maintenance requirements to ensure that the equipment adheres to national fire safety regulations.

Our fire safety technicians are equipped to provide servicing and maintenance for fire equipment, alongside being able to assist with any emergency repairs or equipment replacements. We are also able to provide fire safety reports outlining the maintenance schedules for all fire equipment on your construction site, as well as recommendations for further bolstering on-site fire safety.

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Why Alexon?

We offer an extensive selection of fire safety services, ranging from installation and servicing, to testing, electrical work, and emergency repairs. Our fire safety specialists also have over twenty years of combined experience providing Australian business owners with a wide array of fire equipment, including extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, and even fire sprinkler systems. No matter what kind of fire safety equipment you’ll be requiring on your construction site, our team at Alexon will be able to offer their support, from installation to servicing. 

Our team of fire safety technicians will work with you to ensure that your construction site maintains fire safety standards that adhere to industry regulations. Contact our friendly staff today to inquire about our construction site fire safety services and construction businesses. 

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