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The Best Fire Equipment Maintenance Team

Servicing your property with our essential safety solutions

If you manage a building, you understand the great responsibilities that come with keeping your property and the people within it safe.

Fire equipment maintenance & servicing is therefore required to prolong the life and efficiency of your equipment. It is also important to check that your safety equipment is in good working condition as it may be what saves the people within in the event of an emergency. 

With experienced technicians, proven safety systems, and quality equipment, you can rely on Alexon to protect your building to the highest standard with fire equipment maintenance services Melbourne businesses can trust. Give us a call today on 1300 001 004 or fill in the booking form and we will reach out to you.

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Specialist Services

Fire Equipment Servicing

The right skills, systems, and services for the job

Our friendly team of experienced technicians, electricians and engineers are certified, licensed and qualified in fire equipment maintenance servicing, and equipped with real-time mobile reporting technology.

We provide maintenance services for all kinds of fire equipment. For example, fire extinguisher maintenance is necessary every 5 years for refilling, and inspected every 6 months to check they are still full. We can also provide fire door repairs and maintenance after regular inspections show a fault in the system. We also provide emergency exit light servicing, as well as hydrant and sprinkler inspection and maintenance.

As your full-service fire equipment specialists with a wealth of experience, we have both the knowledge and tools to provide your property with the highest level of fire protection. Check out our services below and contact us today if you would like to learn more about our services.

Our Maintenance Services include:

Glass Smoke DoorsGlass Smoke Doors

- Exit, access and egress doors
- Fire & smoke doors
- Exit & emergency lighting
- Fire Indicator Panels (FIP) & evacuation systems
- Stair pressurisation systems
-System maintenance reports
-Commercial electrical services

Hose Reel Maintenance ServiceHose Reel Maintenance Service

- Fire hose reels, lay flat hoses and cabinets
- Hydrants and sprinkler systems
- Hydrant and sprinkler boosters
- Hydrant and sprinkler pumps
- Hydrant and sprinkler water storage tanks

Fire Equipment Maintenance Services - Mobile

- Thermal & smoke alarms
- Fire alarms
- Fire extinguishers, blankets & equipment signage
- Annual Passive Building Inspections
- Backflow Valve Annual Testing
- Mechanical ventilation & sump pumps

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Sprinkler Pump Battery Test ServiceQuality Fire Equipment Maintenance

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Reduce the Risk of Failures

Our fire equipment servicing and fire equipment maintenance support ensures that the quality is sustained throughout the years and the risk of equipment failure is heavily reduced. In any emergency situation, equipment failure due to irregular fire equipment maintenance can result in personal guilt, grievous injuries and legal consequences. 

Equipment failures can also lead to false alarms, which is a hassle on its own. Navigating the evacuation process is time-consuming and difficult to manage when people are panicked. However, it has long-term implications as false alarms due to ignoring required maintenance schedules is illegal and can result in hefty fines. Inevitably, regular maintenance will ensure your fire equipment continues to stay in pristine and efficient condition.

By reducing the risk of equipment failures, false alarms or fines through timely fire equipment maintenance services, our customers can feel confident in the effectiveness of their equipment and the thoroughness of our team.
No matter the building type, complexity, or servicing frequency, our goal is to ensure the safety systems under our control are ready for use. When you book with Alexon, you book with the assurance that your fire safety systems are equipped with the highest quality systems and best support so that there is minimal hassle for you.

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) is called out to about 44 false alarms each day
- that’s potentially 44 fines.

Why Alexon?

For over 20 years we’ve installed and maintained Essential Safety Measures (ESM) in residential buildings, shopping centres, schools, commercial and industrial buildings across Melbourne – ensuring our customer’s obligations are met and occupants can live and work safely. Once we’ve installed the equipment, we promise regular fire equipment servicing and knowledgeable recommendations where required. 

With our help, every site is Building Codes of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards (AS) compliant. Every customer receives the same superior service and a tailor-made solution to suit their needs. For fire equipment maintenance Melbourne businesses can trust, call us today!

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A photo of a fire safety system control centre  under an apartment building.A photo of a fire safety system control centre  under an apartment building.

Got a question? Check out our FAQ section or complete the form below to schedule a call.

Equipment Maintenance FAQs

How often should fire safety equipment be checked?

It will depend on the type of fire safety equipment, but frequent checks are required for all fire safety equipment to determine if they are in good working order. For example, fire extinguishers and fire blankets must be checked every 6 months in compliance with Australian standards. Alexon can help maintain your fire safety equipment, whether in a commercial business or residential building, to ensure that your fire safety equipment is up to date and passes all necessary inspections. Alexon can provide all the details of when to service each item and provide regular maintenance after installation.

What is fire extinguisher maintenance?

Fire extinguisher maintenance is the process of ensuring fire extinguishers are working well by ensuring they are inspected regularly in case of an emergency. Alexon are highly experienced in fire extinguisher maintenance, and can test, tag, inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers to ensure that they are ready to use in the event of an emergency. 

How do you inspect fire equipment?

We can inspect fire equipment by regularly examining all your fire safety equipment to ensure that they are working well. Any equipment that does not meet Australian standards will be repaired or replaced promptly. We can also provide fire safety recommendations to help businesses identify potential fire risks and strategies to resolve them. 

What is a fire prevention checklist?

A fire prevention checklist is designed to outline the steps of compliance businesses should take to reduce the risk of a fire hazard. Alexon can provide fire safety reports and recommendations to ensure that all aspects of fire safety are covered, and all risks are minimised. The best method for prevention is regular equipment maintenance, to ensure that all safety measures are working well. Alexon can provide regular maintenance for all businesses and strata managers.

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