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Fire Hose Reel Testing Services

For residential and commercial premises

Fire hose reel systems must be serviced by dedicated fire safety specialists, and adhere to the servicing and maintenance requirements as outlined by the Australian Standards. Thankfully, Alexon’s technicians are here to make sure that your fire hose reel system can perform at its best in the event of an emergency.

Book your fire hose reel installation and servicing appointments with our expert fire safety technicians at Alexon today.

Fire hose reels are an Essential Safety Measure (ESM) for a growing majority of commercial and multi-storey residential buildings in Australia, as per a number of Australian Standards, namely AS2441 and AS1221.

Fire hose reels are typically installed either indoors or outdoors in locations where they are accessible to firefighters. Both the installation and maintenance of your fire hose reel system must be conducted in accordance with Australian fire safety standards.

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Inspect and Test

Hose Reel Servicing

As fire hose reels are used by firefighters in the event of a fire emergency, it’s imperative that your hose reel systems are serviced in accordance with Australian Standards. This is to make sure that the fire fighting hose reel system is fit for use whenever it may be required by emergency service personnel. 

According to AS/NZS1221, all fire hose reel systems in Australia and New Zealand must be inspected every six months to ensure that your building maintains compliance with regulatory building codes.

Fire hose reel inspections consist of
- a visual inspection as well as
- a series of tests, including water flow tests and pressure testing.

Both these tests and a routine visual inspection of the couplings, joints, spray nozzle, and other technical components of your fire hose reel system, are crucial for making sure that your fire hose reel is kept in good working order and is ready for any fire-related emergency that may occur within or around your building. For this reason, your fire hose reel testing and servicing should only be performed by qualified fire safety technicians.

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fire hose reel installation

Fire Hose Reel Installation

With the most experienced technicians to help

We help you install fire hose reels and other fire equipment every step of the way, from start to finish. Guidelines and standards include:

As per AS2441, fire hose reels must be installed in all buildings containing an internal fire hydrant system and buildings that have a total floor area that is equal to or greater than 500 square metres. Fire hose reels must also be:

- Mounted at a spindle height of at least 1.4 metres above the ground, but no greater than 2.4 metres, with the recommended height being 1.5 metres.
- AS2441 also stipulates that the cylindrical spindle used to hold your fire hose must be made of metal, as should the cabinet housing your fire hose reel.
- All fire hose reels that are installed externally must be mounted within a secure metal cabinet to protect the hose from any damage or tampering.
- Unlike fire extinguishers that are designed to be used across a distance of 2 metres, the water stream from the nozzle of your fire hose reel is required to reach a length of 4 metres to maintain compliance with Australian Standards.
- Standard hose reels should also deliver a minimum of 0.33 litres of water per second to provide effective fire suppression capabilities.
- Standard fire hose reels should also fully extend to a length of 36 metres, and must be installed within 4 metres of an exit.

Why Alexon?

With over twenty years of experience providing technical fire safety services for residences and business owners across Victoria, you can count on Alexon to handle your fire hose reel testing with the utmost care and professionalism.

Call our team of fire safety specialists at 1300 001 004 to book your fire hose reel installation or servicing appointment today. For more information on fire hose reel installation, servicing, or any of the other fire safety services we offer at Alexon (such as fire blanket testing), simply fill out our online enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you via email.

We can install fire hose reels for office fire safety, and to provide fire safety equipment on construction sites, and more.

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Fire Hose Reel FAQs

What is a fire hose reel?

A fire hose reel is a type of firefighting equipment that consists of a cylindrical drum that holds a length of fire hose, which produces high-pressure water to extinguish a fire. The hose is attached to a water supply, and the reel is designed to quickly and easily activate the hose in the event of an emergency.

Are you allowed to use fire hose reels?

This depends on who you are. Fire hose reels are installed in buildings as an additional layer of protection during a fire. They are intended for use by trained personnel in case of a fire emergency. They can be used by the fire brigade, but also by building owners, occupants, and tenants provided they have been trained.

What is the standard for a fire hose reel?

The standard for fire hose reels in Australia are detailed in AS2441, which specifies the minimum requirements for the installation of fire hose reels. There is also AS1851 which details the routine servicing requirements of fire protection systems.

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