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Fire Blankets & Maintenance

For residential and commercial premises

Fire blankets can typically be found installed on a wall in kitchens, break rooms, or laboratories that handle oils or fats (lipids). These fire suppression tools are an essential investment in any fire safety compliance plan.

But how do you actually use a fire blanket? And how do you know if your fire blanket needs to be tested or replaced? Working with a team of qualified fire safety specialists can help provide you with answers to both of these questions. Our team at Alexon have extensive experience providing fire blanket testing and maintenance services for a wide range of Melbourne commercial premises, industrial environments, and residential buildings.
If you believe your fire blanket may be damaged or is in an unfit condition for use, call Alexon at 1300 001 004 today to schedule a fire blanket testing appointment for your workplace or building.

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Inspect and Test

Fire Blanket Testing & Maintenance Process

As per AS 1851, your fire blankets need to be tested at least once every 6 months to maintain compliance. Your fire safety technicians will inspect your fire blankets to ensure that they’re installed and maintained in accordance with these key requirements:
Accessibility – your fire blankets should be installed in a readily accessible location that’s clearly marked by signage.
Signage – your fire blanket signage should be unobstructed, clearly legible, and placed in the correct location to effectively direct building occupants.
Blanket container – the mounted bag holding your fire blanket should be clean, free from damage, and marked with a maintenance tag as well as confirmation that the fire blanket has been manufactured in accordance with Australian Fire Safety Standards.
Fire blanket – your fire blanket should be free from damage or contamination and should be correctly folded inside your blanket container.
These key requirements are vital to ensuring that your fire blanket can be handled correctly, and will be effective in fire suppression in the event of a Class F fire-related emergency. Once these key requirements have been accounted for, our fire safety technicians will issue you with a thorough safety measures report and update your equipment logbook. These reporting measures are essential to maintaining fire safety compliance for your building or premises and for completing your Annual Fire Safety Statement.

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What Are Fire Blankets Used For?

Made out of fire-resistant fabric like woven glass-fibre, fire blankets are a type of fire suppression system that works by physically smothering fires. These fire suppression systems are specifically designed to be effective against Class F fires (or fires caused by the ignition of cooking oils or fats).
Fire blankets are a unique essential safety measure (or ESM) in that they can’t be depleted like a fire extinguisher. However, fire blankets are actually designed to be used just once. This means that you will need to replace your  fire blanket in the event that it is utilised in a fire-related emergency.
Here is a step-by-step overview of how best to use a fire blanket to suppress open flames:
1. Install your fire blanket in an easily accessible location where Class F fires may occur (i.e. kitchen facilities) and near an exit door.
2. When using your fire blanket, take hold of the two bottom tabs at the base of your fire blanket bag to pull the blanket out.
3. Slowly and carefully use your hands to spread the fire blanket out over the fire, covering it entirely.
4. Leave your fire blanket over the fire for at least thirty minutes to ensure that the fire has been fully suppressed.
5. Turn off your gas/electricity cooktop at the mains if it’s safe to do so.
6. Call Triple Zero (000) and ask for fire services.If you’ve recently had to follow this process of using your fire blanket, be sure to call your trusted local fire safety technicians here at Alexon to book your next fire blanket installation or testing appointment.

Why work with Alexon for your fire blanket testing services?

Fire blankets work by physically smothering fires and restricting the flow of oxygen that fuels open flames. These innovative fire suppression solutions can be thrown over cooking fat or stovetop fires, or can even be used to wrap around individuals if their clothing has caught fire. As fire blankets are designed to be single use (for guaranteed effectiveness), staying on top of your fire blanket servicing and maintenance requirements is paramount to ensuring that your fire blanket can be used in the event of a fire-related emergency.

Our team at Alexon have over 20 years of experience in providing servicing, testing, and maintenance for fire blankets as well as a range of other fire suppression systems such as fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire doors and fire hose reels. Our fire blanket testing team will be able to provide you with thorough logbook and ESM reporting services, ensuring that you can include your fire blanket as an effective essential safety measure in your building or work premises. If you’d like to book a fire blanket testing or maintenance appointment for your workplace or building today, then contact the Alexon team via our online web enquiry form, by calling us at 1300 001 004, or by emailing

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Fire Blanket Installation

According to Australian Fire Safety Standard AS/NZS 3504:2006, fire blankets must measure at least 1 metre x 1 metre and be mounted to a wall in commercial kitchen, break room, and laboratory spaces.
Fire blankets must be mounted using one or two brass ferrule mounting holes, depending on the size of your blanket, and should be installed in an accessible location for ease of use in the event of a Class F fire-related emergency. Fire blankets must also have a maintenance tag that outlines the testing and servicing is up-to-date and in accordance with Australian Standard 1851, which pertains to the maintenance of fire safety systems and equipment requirements. Our fire safety technicians at Alexon are equipped to provide service and maintenance for fire suppression systems (including fire blankets) so you can secure compliant maintenance tags for your fire blanket after every scheduled servicing appointment.

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Got a question? Check out our FAQ section or complete the form below to schedule a call.

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