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Equipment inspecting and testing

Smoke Alarm Testing Melbourne - Is your safety system ready for an emergency?

Alexon offers a professional fire alarm testing service, servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas.

To ensure your equipment will perform in an emergency, it must pass regular testing and inspections in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1851-2012.

The inspection frequency can vary greatly from weekly to annually or longer - we’ll design a tailored maintenance schedule based on your specific requirements.

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Fire Alarm Testing Service - Put your safety assets to the test

Our team of professionals can test and certify a range of fire safety assets, including but not limited to:

- Alarms and detectors

- Extinguishers

- Fire hose reels

- Fire Indication Panels (FIP)

- Sprinklers

- Evacuation systems

- Emergency and exit lighting

- Diesel and electric sprinkler and hydrant pumps

- Hydrant valves

- Hydrant and sprinkler boosters

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Fire Alarm Testing Service - MobileFire Alarm Testing Service

Flagging faults and repairs

Through our rigorous smoke alarm testing services, Alexon technicians can also detect electrical and fire system faults and identify the need for sprinkler and hydrant system repairs.

Following an inspection, we’ll record the results in your logbook and discuss any defects or recommendations with you.

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Smoke Alarm Testing Services

Sprinkler system testing

A performance-check for your sprinkler

The only way to ensure your building’s sprinkler systems will perform properly is through regular inspections and testing in accordance with AS1851. At Jetfire, we have over 20 years experience and can provide sprinkler testing and smoke alarm testing Melbourne businesses can rely on.

Sprinklers are often connected to your fire protection system or Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE). They can act as an initiating device for alarms and other essential safety features and notifying the fire brigade. It’s therefore critical that they’re in good working order.

Our capabilities

We inspect and test sprinklers across Melbourne including wet, dry, pre-action and deluge systems which generally involves:

- Heat or smoke activated sprinkler heads

- Sprinkler system control valves

- Pipes and water supply

- Water pumps and pressure

- Electric or diesel pump engines

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Smoke Alarm Testing Melbourne

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