An Alexon employee completing a maintenance report.An Alexon employee completing a maintenance report.

Fire equipment and system maintenance reports

Transparent real-time reporting and recommendations

We pride ourselves on our real-time reporting systems that deliver inspection and testing results in plain English and with complete transparency.

Not only are recommendations and maintenance schedules made clear, but you can feel confident that your logbooks, records, and Essential Safety Measures (ESM) annual reporting is in-line with your Occupancy Permit and the Building Codes of Australia (BCA) regulations.

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Powered by state-of-the-art reporting technology

The Alexon team is equipped with Uptick field servicing technology on their phones to streamline the reporting process and give you up-to-the-minute access to results, maintenance, service, defects, repairs, and quote information instantly.

Up-to-date logbooks kept on location

You’ll never have to worry whether your fire protection equipment logbooks are up-to-date with Alexon. We’ll ensure they’re properly maintained and stored securely on your premises.

Your logbooks will detail:

- A record ID

- The site, property owner or agent information

- Date of maintenance/inspection

- System or equipment identification and location

- Frequency of maintenance activity undertaken

- Defects identified

- Service person, signature, completion date

An Alexon employee completing a maintenance report on their mobile phone.An Alexon employee completing a maintenance report on their mobile phone.

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